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For me as a piano enthusiast, it is one of my greatest pleasures to share my passion for music with you by offering a great selection of sheet music I've written in the past. Many of these works are written for solo piano in ballad- and film-music style. There are also some songs with lyrics around. Ever when a new composition is available, I integrate it into my sheet music catalogues! If you are interested in live recordings of my compositions, I invite you to

- visit my personal website :  or

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If you are interested in listening to my music rather than just playing the sheet music, then please have a look at my albums "Outside", "Sujets 2007" and "Resonance"  which are available in the iTunes Store!

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Dirk Ettelt

Live recording of "Pluie d'été"

28.07.2016 News

Here is a live recording video of my composition "Pluie d'été" (Summer Rain) for solo piano:

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